Video: Paris & Brussels – traditional New Year’s Eve car-burnings pass off...

Video: Paris & Brussels – traditional New Year’s Eve car-burnings pass off without a hitch!


Although the Paris and Brussels New Year’s Eve firework displays were cancelled owing to the Muslim terror threat yesterday, the good news is that the more recent tradition of car-burnings went ahead as usual. In Paris, hundreds of lucky French folk got an early taste of 2016 diversity as they watched their cars go up in flames – torched by aggressive and racist Muslim ‘youths’.

The annual car-burning event is smaller in Brussels, but dozens of lucky Belgians also had their New Year’s Eves enriched in the same way.

However, in both cases the thousands of extra armed police on the streets led to a significant fall in the number of cars torched. This follows on from last year’s fall, which was covered by the BBC as follows:

The number of cars set alight in France on New Year’s Eve fell significantly this year, the government has said.

Some 12% fewer cars were set alight on Wednesday compared with 2013, in a measure of what has effectively become an annual event in French suburbs since riots in 2005 in Paris and elsewhere.

The number of vehicles torched fell from 1,067 a year ago to 940, the interior ministry said in a statement.

Security was high in France overnight following a series of street attacks.

While the car-burning can be easily traced back to 2005, some correspondents say the idea of burning cars as a form of protest in France dates back into the 1990s.