The EU is COLLAPSING due to open borders, Dutch MP tells Trump...

The EU is COLLAPSING due to open borders, Dutch MP tells Trump supporters


The eurosceptic politician went on a shocking rant during the Republican Party convention in Cleveland, Ohio, saying the EU project is “collapsing” due to “a decades-long policy of open borders and cultural relativism”.

And, in a similar rhetoric to Donald Trump, he warned the rise of Islamist extremism in Europe will “only get worse” and hundreds of jihadis return to the continent from Syria and Iraq, where Islamic State (ISIS) is rapidly losing territory.

Mr Wilders, a controversial MP and head of the populist Dutch Party for Freedom, also endorsed Mr Trump’s bid for the White House despite admitting he “might not always be the best from Europe’s perspective”.

He was speaking at a rally of LGBT supporters of the billionaire tycoon, saying he “was asked as a Dutch politician to just speak a few words for you about the current state of Europe”.

Geert Wilders at the Republican conventionGETTY

The controversial Dutch MP made a speech at the Republican convention

Donald TrumpGETTY

Mr Wilders endorsed US presidential hopeful Donald Trump

During a speech in which he was both booed and cheered the controversial politician, who hopes to become Prime Minister of the Netherlands in next year’s elections, warned of the growing threat of Islamist attacks.

He cited recent atrocities including the Nice massacre, the German train axe attack and the stabbing of an eight-year-old girl and her mother – allegedly for being “too lightly dressed” – in France as examples of how Europe is “imploding”.

Addressing a packed room at the convention in Cleveland, Ohio, he said: “I’m sad to say that it will only get worse…because thousands of Muslims from Europe went to Syria and Iraq to fight for the jihad.

“And since ISIS luckily is losing ground now in that region they are all, hundreds of them, are returning to Europe and our stupid Governments allow them to return to Europe.”

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The Dutch politician admitted Mr Trump may not be the ‘best’ president for Europe

A Trump supporter at the conventionAFP

But Mr Wilders said Europe is being led by ‘Chamberlains not Churchills’ 

We have Chamberlains instead of Churchills ruling our countries

Geert Wilders

He said the Netherlands, which has a population of 17million, had seen 50 terrorist militants last year of which he claimed just five are in police custody.

The rest, he said, are “walking freely with some stupid reintegration course from the Government” adding that “this is happening all over Europe and it’s a big mess”.

Mr Wilders was booed at one point when he derogatorily referred to Europe as “Eurabia”, but was cheered when he branded multiculturalism the “biggest disease in Europe today” and called for stronger political leadership.

The Dutch MP branded the policy “suicidal”, saying EU leaders had advocated “allowing millions of Muslim immigrants to come from Islamic countries to our free Western societies without any demands of assimilation or integration”.

He said: “We have no real leaders in the Western world any more. We have appeasers – we have Chamberlains instead of Churchills ruling our countries.”

Mr Wilders was cheered again when he railed against political correctness and warned allowing Sharia Law to take hold in the West would lead to the persecution of gay people and followers of other religions.

In separate comments on US television networks he also called for the Netherlands to leave the European Union – in a campaign known as a Nexit – saying he wanted his country to be “sovereign again over immigration”.

And he controversially echoed Donald Trumps infamous pledge to stop all Muslims from entering the US, going even further and calling for the “denationalisation” of Muslim criminals.