Poland: Instant Karma: VIDEO Islamists stab A man immediately got back what...

Poland: Instant Karma: VIDEO Islamists stab A man immediately got back what they deserve from locals


A STAGGERING 300 rioters stormed the streets in a peaceful suburban town after a group of Arab men allegedly stabbed a lone local to death near a kebab restaurant, according to reports.

Kebab restaurant in Poland completely vandalisedKebab restaurant in Poland completely vandalised after stabbing

The rioters descended on the town of Elk, Poland, after a group of Arab – reportedly of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia descent – chased a young man out of a restaurant in the town and repeatedly stabbed him.The man, known only as Daniel, was stabbed last Saturday around 11pm local time, got into a brawl with four other men after reports suggest he threw a firecracker inside a Kebab diner.
The Arab suspects immediately ran out of the restaurant in a flurry and chased the 21-year-old male until they got hold of him and stabbed him twice in the chest.In a direct response to the attacks, locals who live near restaurant flocked to the streets and began smashing up the kebab diner with firecrackers and stones.

Witness Rafael Kackowski told local police: “In the crowd, numbering between 200 and 300 people, dozens were behaving aggressively.”

Shortly after police were called to calm the scene, rioters began attacking officers and 25 people were arrested.Tomasz Andrukiewicz, the Mayor of Elk, called on citizens to not to incite hatred and to respect the grief of the deceased Polish man’s family.

He said: “There has been a great tragedy. I would like to appeal and ask residents for calm and to respect the tragedy the family of the 21-year-old Daniel is experiencing. I offered psychological help to this family.”

Map of Elk, PolandGOOGLE

Map of Elk, Poland, where the riots took place after a young male was stabbed

But hours after the initial riots took place at the crime scene, clashes between police and rioters in the neighbouring Polish town, Lublin, occurred as vandals sprayed anti-Muslim graffiti on a kebab shop that read: “F**k Islam and F**k ISIS.”A local said he “does not feel safe in the city” after the incident because his local area now “has an aversion to foreigners”.

Shullye Parvez, the owner of the vandalised kebab shop said: “A week go, someone came to us and insulted us, using profanity.

“Two men aged 18-19 and 24-25 came on the New Year’s Eve and demolished our premises.

“With had hoods on their heads. Fortunately all of the events was recorded on surveillance, the matter is reported to the police.”

If the suspects are charged with inciting hatred, they may face up to two years in prison.