French build new Dover invasion centre

French build new Dover invasion centre


Britain is facing a new threat to its border after France announced the construction of a “Sangatte”-style refugee camp less than 50 miles from Dover, prompting fears it will intensify the migrant crisis.

A sprawling migrant centre – the first official camp in France for more than 13 years – will be built near an existing shanty town at Grande-Synthe, just five miles from the ferry port which links Dunkirk with the British coast.

The £1.1 million construction bill will be picked up by the French government, officials announced, and work is to start immediately with new facilities opening within weeks.

The centre will of course act as a magnet for larger numbers of migrants who want to reach this country rather than settle in France.

The Home Office confirmed it had not been involved in the decision to open the first official refugee camp in France since the notorious Sangatte camp was closed in 2002 – seen at the time as a triumph of Anglo-French diplomacy.

Britain’s exclusion from discussions over the new camp will be seen as a deterioration of relations between the two countries over the migrant crisis.

Two men carry rubble to create a pathway through the mud in the Dunkirk camp

The Grande-Synthe camp in October 2015


Grande-Synthe’s squalid, rat-infested site is currently home to up to 2,500 migrants in makeshift tents.

Almost all are Iraqi Kurds who have arrived since September and insist they want to reach Britain rather than remain in France, despite international asylum law stating they should claim refugee status in the first safe country they reach. Police in Munich are hunting a gang of Iraqui ‘refugees’ over last night’s threatened suicide bomb attacks in the city.

The French government is only able to build the new camp because a squalid stitch up between the country’s Establishment ‘rivals’ kept the Front National out of government in the Calais region in the recent French elections. Such ‘liberal’ attacks on democracy in any European country thus have a direct effect on the rest of us. If you’re still looking for a New Year’s Resolution, how about helping to fight the dispossession of our children in their own homelands?